Shipping Policy

If you order through one of our dealers, check with them regarding their shipping/tracking policies. When you order through Longacre – either through or website or over the phone – you will receive an email following your order that will provide your tracking number, providing you are using a traceable shipping process. With Longacre, you can expect your delivery to arrive in one to seven days, depending on the distance and shipping option you select.

AFCO Performance Group, LLC. collects state sales tax on purchases as required by state law. For certain states, AFCO Performance Group, LLC. is not currently obligated to, and does not, collect state sales tax on your purchase. For those states, your purchase is subject to tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. Placing your order on the internet or by any other remote means does NOT exempt your purchase from tax. Certain states may require us to provide an annual notice to you of your purchases and to notify your state tax department of your annual purchases. Details for reporting your untaxed purchases, filing a tax return and paying any tax may be found on the tax department website for your state of residence.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a freight quote before placing your order.