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Download the latest Computerscales® XLi Tablet app to your Android OS device and try the features in DEMO mode.  App is optimized for a 7" tablet and tested on Samsung Tab 4. This is the full app with all features enabled but operates in DEMO mode with no pads connected. DEMO mode simply puts sample weights on the corners. Using the app in normal mode requires a connection to the pad module with the system security id (SysID) and pairing the LF pad via Bluetooth.

We recommend that you do not use the ZERO button in DEMO mode (see below).  NOTE:  If you are upgrading your current app to the latest version DO NOT uninstall the current app first or you will lose the scale system code. If this does happen it can be easily retrieved. Please contact our customer service department if that happens.

Computerscales XLi display

Zeroing the "pads" in DEMO mode:

Since there are no pads connected to the application, if you choose to Zero the pads you will lose the DEMO weights. To get them back on the screen you will need to go into the Android app settings and clear the data.

  • Tap Settings app
  • Tap Apps
  • Find app Computerscales XLi
  • Tap Clear data
  • Tap OK to Delete app data
  • Restart Computerscales XLi app and the DEMO weights should be on the screen again


IMPORTANT :  If you are upgrading your existing tablet scales app DO NOT uninstall the current app first. The new app will update over the current one and you will not lose data. Uninstalling first will cause you to lose the scale system code that links your app to to the pads. If this does happen it can easily be retrieved. (The code is on the LF pad board or you can call our customer service department.)

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