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AccuTech™ Digital Tach Install & Operation

Green wire:  to "Tach" output on ignition box or to negative side of coil on non-electronic points system. NEVER connect directly to a plug or coil wire!

Black wire:  to ground (MUST be connected even if Red wire for backlight is not used).Be sure it is connected to a sollid ground. Most problems are caused by a poor ground.

Red wire (optional):  for backlight (connect so it shuts off with ignition). This also operates the high RPM warning system (see below).

To Operate:

Tach comes on automatically when the engine starts. It shuts off 10 seconds after engine shuts off (highest RPM is not lost). See below to set up high RPM warning.

To Recall:

Push red RECALL button. It will recall the highest RPM and holds that number (display flashes to indicate recall). Push again to resume normal tach operation. Tach will reset to normal operation after it shuts down (highest RPM is not lost).
NOTE:  You can push "Recall" before going on the track and the tach will constantly display the highest RPM reached to that point without pushing "Recall" again. It does not show active RPM once RPM drops below highest point. Push "Recall" to resume normal tach operation.

To Reset:

Push RESET to erase old RPM. This can be done in either recall or normal mode. Tach is powered by an internal battery that lasts more than 300 hours (2 years or more). See round door on back of case.

To Change Setup - cylinders, RPM warning, etc.:

Push RESET and RECALL at the same time and hold for 5 seconds. Display will change to below (reverts to normal function 5 seconds after last button is pushed - you can start over if needed). Use "Reset" button change and "Recall" to advance. The first digit (4) is for 2 or 4 cycle. Second is the number of cylinders (8C is for 8 cylinder). Last is the high RPM warning. This lets the driver know if he is overreving the motor. The blue backlight changes to red and flashes (red power wire must be connected). This can be set in 100 RPM increments. If you do not want to use this feature set the RPM high. THIS IS NOT AN RPM LIMITER.

 Accutech digital tachometer

0-10,000 RPM (19,000 on #44402) accurate to 10 RPM

NOTE:  Ths tach is reasonably water resistant but should be covered or removed before pressure washing car.

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