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Adjustable Scale Platen Setup Fixture with 1 SideSlider

Adjustable Scale Platen Setup Fixture with 1 SideSlider Item #: 52-72862


Billet Aluminum Modular Setup Platen

Best regidity for accurate setups.

Scale pad levelers are CNC machined from T6 aluminum billet with a full floor for best pad support. SideSlider™ is included in LF leveler.

  • Modular components are Easy-to-assemble and Easy-to-transport
  • Billet T6 aluminum scale pad levelers with a full floor for the best rigidity & most accurate setups
  • Wheelbase (90" - 110) and track width are fully adjustable
  • 24 swivel adjusting feet pop out for easy storage and transport
  • Spanners are attached to levelers and are flush with the top of the scale pad
  • For low profile 2 1/2" x 15" x 15" pads, wired or wireless

SideSliders™ allow the pads to float effortlessly sideways to relieve any chassis bind caused by camber change. SideSlider™ is installed in the LF leveler.


  • Four Billet Scale Pad Levelers with Pop-Out feet (24 total) and 1 SideSlider™ installed in LF
  • Two adjustable spanners
  • Two ramps
  • Two horizontal locator bars
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