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AccuTech™ SMi™ Stepper Motor Memory Tach - Black in Aluminum Panel

AccuTech™ SMi™ Stepper Motor Memory Tach - Black in Aluminum Panel Item #: 52-44477

'Stepper Motor' Memory Tachs
The next generation in instrumentation

SMi™ Stepper motor techometers use a small electric motor to drive the pointer. It is more precise than the more common 'aircore' instruments whose accuracy can be affected by the windings. Many professional race teams - NASCAR™, etc. – are switching to this style of tach for the improved accuracy and response (see the in-car TV cameras).

  • Maximum RPM recall - Just push the Recall button
  • High RPM Warning light - 2 stage - First warning can be set for just over your normal maximum RPM, the second stage at the redline. You get a warning of too many revs before you blow an engine. Can also be used as a 2 stage shift light.
  • LED back light - Back light shows through the dial face PLUS the pointer is LED illuminated to make this the easiest tach to read - and super sharp looking too
  • Stepper motor precision tach at an affordable price
  • Sharp looking aluminum panel...black anodized with clean, cool graphics

When using HEI or stock-style ignitions systems, a tach filter is needed. You can find that filter here: 52-44410 

California Proposition 65 Statement


  Brand: AccuTech™ SMi™
  Style: Stepper Motor
  Type: Tachometer
  Range: 0-10K RPM
  Memory: Yes
  High RPM Warning Light: 2 Stage
  Size: 4 1/2" diameter
  Case Material: Polycarbonate ABS
  Face Color: Black
  Bezel Color: Black
  Gauge Backlights: Yes
  Power Draw: 106mA @ 12v
  Pointer Color: Red LED illuminated
  Waterproof: No
  Material: Aluminum
  Finish: Black anodized
  Gauge Panel Dimensions: 5" tall x 5.47" wide

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