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Stagger Tools

The difference in circumference between the right-side tires and the left-side tires, or tire stagger, is a critical set up for consistent handling of your race car. Too much stagger and the car can become loose. Not enough and the car may want to push toward the outside wall.

Getting that setup right can be frustrating as the tire temperatures and pressures build during the race your stagger can change. Being able to check your stagger at the track, quickly and accurately can help you dial in your set up and run up front during the main event.

Longacre Stagger Gauges are different from others on the market, from the special precision 6061 T6 aluminum extrusion inner and outer tubes to the 3/8” thick T6 Billet arms that don’t flex; this tool is quick and easy to use, allowing you to get back out on the track for more crucial practice laps.

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